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Launching home educated students to their future careers through Christian S.T.E.M. learning.

Edison Kids Workshops

Our workshops are at the core of our program. We offer hands-on workshops, exploring the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) disciplines, from a Christian perspective. These workshops are on Thursdays and are open to home educated students, ages 5 to 18-years-old, although our average age is 9 - 12 years old. To register you must be a member of Edison Kids.

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Workshops are open to all age groups unless a minimum age is specified. We are not a drop off program and parental participation is strongly encouraged. Our mission is to inspire students to find fields of S.T.E.M. that they love. We believe that if parents are involved in the workshops the learning will continue after the workshop has ended. We focus on hands-on learning and doing, with just enough instruction to guide the students on the learning journey.

We rotate our schedule and offer a broad mix of fields. We currently only offer one workshop per time slot at present, with 12 spots in each workshop, unless otherwise stated. Students can sign up for as many or as few workshops as they wish.

Our current series include: Makerspace, Coding Club, STEM Fair Prep and Forensic Science.

Our STEM Fair Prep Series is open to all students, not just students wishing to participate in the science fair.

Our facility is located in North Jacksonville, FL at Eastport Baptist Church.

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Coding Club: Scratch3 & Micro:bit

Scratch 3 has been launched & we will explore computer programming on this platform. Programming is more fun when you bring it to life in a real world way. This is a 3-part workshop. Student MUST bring a laptop with them to participate. Younger students will need parental assistance. Students will keep their Micro:Bit after the workshop to continue to explore if further.

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02/07/19, 02/14/19 & 02/21/19 1pm - 3pm
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STEM Fair: Weather Station

We will explore different ways of recording the weather & build simple devices to measure different aspects of the weather. We will work through the Engineering Design Process & Scientific Method to learn how to develop a station & record the results accurately for analysis. Then they can continue their research at home & enter into the STEM Fair for this special challenge, by creating their own station.

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03/07/19 1pm - 3pm
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Makerspace: Simple Machines

Using different activity stations, with hands on experiments, we will work through the six main simple machines; screw, levers, wedge, pulley, inclined plane and wheel & axel. We will find out what they are & how they work. We will test to see how these machines help us with force and effort to reduce work. We will work through the Engineering Design Process, as well as record and analyse our findings.

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03/14/2019 1pm - 3pm
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Makerspace: Hydraulics

In this workshop we will explore hydraulics, how they work, the science behind them and how we can use them in the real world to reduce the effort it takes to complete a task. Students will build their own hydraulic lift using a model kit.

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03/21/2019 1pm - 3pm
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STEM Fair Challenge: Oil Spill

In this workshop we will explore the real world problem of oil spills. Students will experiment with activities to learn how they affect our ecosystems & how we can solve this problem. As part of the STEM Fair they can then develop their solution.

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04/04/2019 1pm - 3pm
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Makerspace: Rockets

This makerspace will take a step into the world of rocket science. We will explore how rockets work. Students will build different types of rockets that weather permitting we will launch. We will work through the Engineering Design Process.

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04/11/2019 1pm - 3pm
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Forensic Science

Our workshop team have been asked to investigate a crime to determine if there was foul play. Humpty Dumpty has been found dead at the bottom of a wall. Using forensic scientific skills we will investigate the scene and determine if his death was accidental or if he was pushed.

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04/18/2019 1pm - 3pm
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Ooey Gooey Science

Using the Scientific Method, in this workshop, we will work through numerous ooey and gooey experiments to explore science in a hands-on way. We will explore several different scientific theories and analyse our results. This workshop will give slime a new meaning!

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04/25/2019 1pm - 3pm